Needless to say, COVID-19 is causing a lot of stress in families and individuals.  In response to this, I am offering reduced rates to those who have been furloughed or let go from their jobs as a result of this pandemic.  I am accepting new clients and use remote options such as zoom and FaceTime for sessions. As well, I am offering a brief counseling option for those who have limited resources and time but still could benefit from coaching. You can find the details HERE. Be well and safe and take care of those who need taking care of!

Glennon Gordon is a licensed individual clinical social worker (LICSW) who is passionate about assisting individuals, couples and families to strive to become the best versions of themselves.  She accomplishes this using a Bowen Family Systems perspective and with her knowledge of the neurosciences.  Glennon’s practice is founded on this theory, helping individuals better understand and conceptualize life going on around them, including the ways that they affect and are affected by the system.  With her 20 years of clinical experience,  Glennon works with people in all phases of life and her goal as a practitioner is to teach you everything she knows about human behavior and relationships. She is co-founder of The Learning Space with her colleagues Priscilla Friesen and Regina Petsche.

She specializes in transitions, particularly premarital and marital counseling, postpartum relationship counseling, parenting issues, and parenting after a divorce.  Her goal is to give each person a different lens through which to view their current relationships and environment in hopes of achieving greater balance, knowledge and happiness. 

Glennon offers counseling across many disciplines, including private practice, classes, stand-alone workshops, and individual events.