Classroom Workshops

back-school-vector-card-with-owl_109327-121.jpgGet off on the Right Foot! Helping your Kids Help Themselves Through the School Years

Audience: Parents with kids entering kindergarten, first grade or second grade

September 18th from 7-9:30 at The Learning Space

In my 20 plus years as a psychotherapist working with families, I have seen first hand how school related battles can create an immense amount of conflict in the parent/child relartionship. It doesn’t have to!

In this class you will learn how to get off on the right foot with your child by learning:

  •  parental boundaries that will help them succeed
  •  how to communicate effectively with your child around homework and other responsibilities
  •  how to help self motivate your child
  • how to be your child’s best consultant and source of support to lead to their success
  • different ways to view your family and child to gain a useful perspective to be your best parent

You are guaranteed to walk out with solid ideas and inspiration about how to be your best parent to your child as they prepare for life on their first stop…school.

The ticket price is $75 for ian individual and $50 per person if you are part of a couple that attends!

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The Addition of Children to a Marriage: Managing the shift from couplehood to parenthood

Audience: Soon-to-be or recently new parents

Did you know that…

  • The addition of children to a marriage WILL change the dynamics of your relationship.
  • Kids HIGHLIGHT the differences between two people.
  • Education around adding children to a relationship WILL give you the tools you need to navigate this challenging transition.

You will learn how to…

  • Know what to expect and what the common pitfalls are to avoid.
  • Communicate effectively during this potentially stressful transition.
  • Understand how past generational patterns contribute to your current relationship.
  • Define more clearly partner roles and contributions.
  • How to maintain intimacy effortlessly.
  • Understand how working on your relationship can keep children emotionally AND physically healthy and symptom free.
  • Move through marriage/relationship challenges versus getting stuck in them.

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Cost: $75 per person $50 per person if part of a couple

Registration open

Premarital Counseling: Staying on the right side of 50/50

Audience: Couples considering or planning to be married

Each person has an individual responsibility to make a marriage work. Given the demands and pressure life brings, relationships will suffer if couples are not prepared. Building a solid foundation is important in supporting a strong (and fun!) life-long union. Premarital counseling will give couples the tools necessary for staying on the right side of the 50/50 equation for marriage versus divorce.

You will learn how to…

  • Productively talk about “hot topics” such as money, faith, child rearing, and intimacy.
  • Face inevitable challenges in a productive and growth-stimulating way.
  • Recognize the common pitfalls in long-term relationships and take steps to avoid them
  • Manage and communicate about each persons family of origin so they can contribute to your marriage in a healthy way
  • Understand your marriage from a family systems approach which will provide you all of the tools you need for a successful long term partnership

Date: October 16th 7:00-9:30 p.m. Sign up here!

Class includes one class session and one 45-minute private session.

To learn more about options that include multiple private sessions instead of class, please see the Private Premarital Counseling Package below.

Cost: $100 per couple

Registration open

Private Premarital Counseling Package

Audience: Couples considering or planning to be married

In these sessions, couples will reach the same learning outcomes as the Premarital Counseling class described above but we will delve deeper into each individual’s family of origin and related issues. This is a great option for couples wanting a more personalized and individualized premarital counseling experience.

Cost: $375 per couple

Schedule by appointment only.  Email or call 301-325-8490 for availability.