This was my first class with Glennon and it was fantastic. She gave big-picture context to the nitty-gritty parts of parenting, and I left with truly useful tools to deal with the day to day struggles.  More importantly, she created a totally judgement-free and open environment where all different parenting styles were welcomed and discussed.  Her ability to tackle the root cause of so many issues we’ve been having was a relief, and I left feeling empowered.  I honestly feel like I have useful tools now when I’m in the weeds with my kids and I’m making better choices on how I deal with them.” -A.F.


Glennon’s class was very helpful; concrete advice, humorous, informative and efficient”.    —E.S

I loved Glennon’s class.  I thought there was a lot of good take-aways and it was very helpful.”   -A.M