Divorce Mentoring Program

Getting a divorce can be a shock the the system.  Kids, friends, relatives, holidays and work are all effected by the decision, and on top of all of those stressors there is the loss of the relationship itself.  Good or bad, it has defined who you are for as many years as you were together and it can all be overwhelming.  But a lot of people do it, have been through it and have popped out the other side in a different place, surviving, thriving and diving in to the next chapters of their lives.

The goal of this divorce mentoring program is to link woman who have been through the process and who have worked hard at redefining and reshaping themselves and the reality in which they live with woman who are just beginning the process.

What it is?

  • Woman guiding, supporting and inspiring woman
  • Carefully selected and matched mentors and mentees by Glennon
  • One on one conversations once per week with your mentor or mentee
  • Monthly educational meetings on various topics including Surviving and thriving through the divorce process, co-parenting tips, healing after affairs, dating, legal guidance, navigating social circles and family after divorce, managing anxiety and more.
  • An opportunity to meet people who are going through or have gone through this transition in their lives

What is the criteria to be a mentor?

  • Desire for a volunteer opportunity that will have an impact on someones life
  • You have learned a lot about yourself through the process of your divorce/separation and about the divorce process itself and want to share your knowledge with someone else
  • You have a minimum of 30 minutes to an hour a week to spend time and energy with someone needing your help by phone or in person
  •  You have a desire to attend the monthly meetings as often as your schedule will permit to learn more yourself and to be present for others
  • You are willing to participate in a mentor training session to assist in being the best support possible

What is the criteria to be a mentee?

  • You are in the beginning phases of a divorce and/or separation
  • You feel overwhelmed and would benefit greatly from support
  • You are interested in improving self and coming through the process as well as possible
  • You have a desire to attend monthly meetings as often as your schedule will permit to enhance your learning process during this transition
  • You have a minimum of 30 minutes to an hour to speak with or meet your mentor per week

Can I be both a mentor and a mentee?


How much does it cost?

  • There is no cost to be a mentor or a mentee!
  • There is a $30 fee for each 2 hour educational meeting
  • There is a $20 fee for the mentoring training session which is 1 hour

The goal is to make this program accessible to all regardless of financial status

I want to participate.  What do I do now?

Feel free to email me immediately at glennontg@me.com if you want to get involved.  A short informational form will be sent to you to fill out and submit and the pairing process will begin!

I began this divorce mentoring program because I saw there was a direct need for woman who were just beginning the process to be supported and assisted through this overwhelming transition process.  Meanwhile, those who were best suited to help them were woman who had already been through the transition and had come out the other side in a better place than they could have imagined when they had started the process.