Happy (kind of) New Year!

I don’t know about you, but left over from school days long ago, September feels like the mark of a fresh start and a new year! It’s a good time to asses your mental health as you prepare for change of season, kids going back to school and the holidays fast approaching.

Following are some questions that you can ask yourself for a quick inventory of where you are, what you really want and a quick guide for a plan to get there. Think about these categories as you asses your life: spouse/partner, parenting, work, social, family, and last but definitely not least, self care.

1. Am I happy right now?
2. What is working for me and contributing to my happiness, what am I proud of?
3. What is standing in the way of me and happiness?
4. What at the end of 12 months would I be really happy I accomplished?
5. What at the end of the day would I be really happy I accomplished?
6. What do I feel motivated to put some energy in to that I haven’t?
7. At the end of the day, what would have to have happened for me to say, ‘that was a perfectly balanced day’?
8. How are things with my spouse/partner? Do we have open, easy communication and a partnership that feels balanced with logistics (business) and fun?
Let’s say you come up with a few goals for yourself. For example, some might be; to be more organized, to be more patient, to spend more time with my spouse/partner, to hang out with friends more, to be a calmer parent or a more present parent, to focus more at work, to go on more dates etc.

We know it takes three things to change the neural pathways in your brain.
1. Motivation Choose the ones that you feel really inspired to work on and change. Write a list of reasons why it would be good to focus on these particular goals.
2. Awareness Increase awareness around these goals times 10. Pay attention in ways you never have before. For example, if you want to be a calmer parent or calmer presence in general, take note of your physiology, what negative thoughts are you thinking, what happens when you take deep breathes instead of react.
3. Repetition Focus on them every day. Write notes and lists to stay focused on them. Write and say mantras around them. Every day.

You will notice that what you decide to put interest and focus in will begin to shift in ways that will inspire you!

If you would like to learn more ways of creating and meeting goals, improving your most important relationships, and overall live a more optimal life, contact me to make an appointment. Skype sessions available. Glennontg@me.com or 301-325-8490

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